Saturday, October 29, 2016

SDR • Day 4

Not a bad night. I woke up with a definite crick in my neck. But happy to have gotten rest! 

Daddy is up and I'm going to get coffee and breakfast. She was talking up a storm and being hilarious. Very lively. 

We went to our morning therapy at 10:00am.  She was supposed to take oral Tylenol 30 minutes before therapy, but she refused. So we had to give her the other kind. Which was so easy, that's what kind I'm taking home, lol. I put some shorts on her, picked her up and we headed out! 

She loves elevator rides all the sudden! We arrived to morning therapy and our friend Charlotte and her Dad were there. 

So happy to be on the up and up with them! Morning therapy went great!

 I'm astonished by how flat her feet already are. She's going to need lots of stretching and a session of cerial casting, but we notice an immediate difference! It's crazy! She cried when we left, because all she wanted to do was play!

After therapy, we went back up to the zen garden.  Finley loved looking at all the little stone creatures they have around and the butterflies!  It feels like we are just out exploring a park with our girl.  Almost like nothing ever happened. 

They wanted her to rest in-between therapies, so we brought her back to the room and she took a little nap. 

The nurse came in with the medicines and that's how we knew it was time for the 2nd therapy. Hooray!  So we got her in the stroller and headed out for round 2. 

This time she rode a tricycle for the first time ever, and loved every minute of it. The PT said that Fin was actually doing a lot of the work. She was even steering pretty well too. A little while into the 2nd session, the PT looks at us with a smile and says, "She's going to do really well." There it was again, that smile like you guys are gonna have a little ball of energy on your hands. I've seen this expression given among friends, but I've never been given it.  It was great. I cannot wait.

What a happy day.  We left our 2nd session, both breathing iighs of relief.  We took a little spin back up to the zen garden, and then went back to the room. 

Finley was starting to smell and her hair was a ginormous rats nest that I was starting to get really scared of.  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't actually scared, I just would catch a glance of it and think, "oh that's going to be a nightmare to Fin for me to brush it out." 

Our new nurse on this shift was super fun and excellent at distracting Fin.  I asked about bathing her and she said she had all these tricks, "let's do it!" She said all up beat!  I'm so glad she was there, it definitely took 3 of us. Her hair definitely looked worse than it was, and it took her a minute to warm up to the bed bath. 
After we got all of the Mr. Tangles out of her hair, we got her dressed in normal clothes and a fresh diaper. She was literally back to her old self snd then some. An energy ball! 

We played for awhile. She starting acting tired around 6pm (she had only taken that short morning nap) but, in true Finley Fashion she didn't fall asleep until around 10. 

She was gifted a balloon bouquet by YouCaring and I was astonished by her hand eye coordination with both of her hands. She would rotate hands and climb up the balloon string to bring it down to her face. She had never executed anything like this before. 

Which made me emotional.  

I climbed into bed next to her, and we turned on cartoons for her to watch. I just laid there holding her hand daydreaming about the future and trying not to be anxious about the even nearer future, our RV drive accross the country. 


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