Monday, October 24, 2016

Our Adventure Day in STL

OAs soon as we posted that we were coming to STL, the sweetest photographer mama reached out and said she'd love to photograph us in the city.  I booked our flight with a couple days to spare, just in case of a cancelled flight or something like that.  

So, naturally, we began our STL trip with just that, an intimate session with Alex of Shutter Darling Photography, in this gorgeous city. My husband was absolutely thrilled! We were meeting her in the Lobby. We arrived down stairs and looked around.  I was greeted by a gal, "Christina?" I said, "Hi!" Gave her a big hug and introduced her to josh as our photographer.  She had a heavy accent and said her crew was just up the way. As we neared I saw a little girl in an adaptive wheelchair and I immediately realized this wasn't the photographer, (embarrassing) this was a fellow CP mamabear.  We talked surgery and cried a little, and it brought me back to the reality of why we are here (I keep trying to forget). Her daughter, Charlotte, is getting her surgery the same day as Fin. 

Then I got a text from Alex saying she was outside, and we headed out! Photographers always remind me that husbands all hate taking pictures, mine was not out of the ordinary. Lol.  He actually didn't mind it so much, this time. I think because of the reason we are here. This trip just has a different feel to it. 
We rapped up the session before breakfast was over and headed out into the city.  We traveled to Forest Park and just soaked in all the natural beauty around us.  Josh is obsessed with Nature Parks so this was a great way to start the day. 
We had our coffee in hand and sweet girl all cozy in her stroller and we were soaking in this time. 

We made our way to the Zoo. Which was free- unbelievable for one of the top zoo's in the country. Fin was super excited to point out all the "horses" and pumpkins.  
She got a little scared by the monkeys and said her famous, "Mommy, I want to hold you." So I put her in my carrier. We had probably walked close to 4 miles already, and I don't regularly exercise.. But I was feeling great and wore her around the rest of the park until we saw the train. The weather was a crisp 68* and nice and warm in the sun. A truly gorgeous day! 

We rode the train around a few times, which Fin just loved!
We grabbed a bite and she requested a "cheeseburger" - we gotta keep her calorie count up, so that's what we got. 
After the zoo, we made a little trip to the grocery store, got stuff for dinner and some essentials. We returned back to our room and just got all situated for the next couple days. Papers, outfits, that sort of thing. Maybe it was my anxiousness but I'm an organizing machine tonight lol.

I know after her surgery this hotel won't feel the same to me, my heart will be over in the hospital room with her and it will be all consuming. 
She fell asleep right after her bath, we tuckered her out on this adventurous day! And Daddy and I are watching a documentary "The Grizzly Man" on Netflix.  Basically, he lives among the bears and is tragically killed by the bears (Josh's pick). This should help me sleep great. Lol. 

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  1. STL is a great place to visit and those pictures are amazing .. i am sure the surgery will go fine and guys will enjoy your trip and your photographic session just fine ..