Thursday, February 23, 2017

I Got Brows!

I'm sure you've seen the newest eyebrow craze on Instagram- MICROBLADING. The thought of being able to wake up with perfect brows is a dream to many of us. Even for girls like myself, I have hair and a shape-  my brows are just really translucent due to my fine hair. In other words - I never go out without them filled in.

I looked into the cost and discovered it was nearing one thousand dollars! Waaaaaaay more than I expected!  Holy smokes! There's no way I can justify spending that much. Especially because when it comes to putting pigment inside your skin on your face, there's no guarantee your body is going to maintain it.

A girlfriend of mine posted that she got "hair-stroke tattoo" and that her eyebrow girl was running a Christmas gift-away.  I looked into it and the hair-stroking method was just the look I was going for!

Well, it was the best Christmas gift I ever received!  While I'm in no obligation to write this post, I feel the need to share!!

So many people think negatively about eyebrow tattoos, my grandmas were black then faded to a blue. So naturally I was nervous.

I showed up to my appointment a bit nervous.  I never imagined I'd be tattooing my face!  Tonia was super sweet and as I sat with numbing cream on she explained how the process works.  We picked a plan based on my current brow shape, how I draw it on when I do my makeup, and what is the best way to execute.  I like mine to look a little heavier (in-between MAC Makeup Artist + Clinique Makeup Artist does that help you visualize? Lol.) This will be our route for the two appointments. "Why two appointments?" you ask, let me share:

* First appointment:  She will do a medium shade throughout the brow in "strokes". This is to fade and appear to be a "shadow" in the brow. We also need to establish if my body accepts or rejects the pigment.
* 2nd appointment: I had a good amount of fading, so we opted to go heavier and darker for the "outline" and the remainder of the "strokes"

Touch ups may be needed every few years.
I would suggest going darker the first time, because the fading will happen. Don't be scared! Lol.

I'm so excited to say that Tonia is offering a special rate of $400 for people I refer! (That's $400 total for two appointments.)
Her email is and she is located:

Phenix Salon Suites
1835 Newport Blvd #210
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Things to expect at the appointment:
* A little bit of paperwork at each appointment, just some signatures and initials. Same as you would at a tattoo parlor or for laser hair removal.
* I would dress comfortably and have your makeup on.  You'll want her to see what your everyday look looks like.  You will be laying on your back for about an hour, I don't know I just always think yoga clothes are the best option for everything- lol.
* You won't feel a thing! You get numbed and honestly you will only feel pressure from her hands.  I promise getting your brows threaded hurts 10x more.

* Buy Aquaphor. This is how you will care for and maintain your new brows.
* Tip.  Like any service you are receiving- Tip! :)

I'm so excited to have discovered Tonia + look forward to going back for my eyeliner!

(This was taken at the end of my 2nd appointment. Don't mind the photoshop my forehead was all chapped! Darn weather! And my makeup was running because we had a heart to heart cry sesh - seriously lol.  )
Here they are two weeks later! I did my makeup and didn't even touch my brows! Amazing! Thank you Tonia!


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