Monday, November 7, 2016

SDR • Discharged!

Day 5 finally arrived! Hallelujah. 

We got a good amount of sleep, since she had no wires and wouldn't likely be vomiting I was able to sleep in bed with her. We are used to co-sleeping so this felt like a little slice of heaven. (Let's just say I'm gonna need a massage after the last 5 nights) but it's alllllll worth it! 

Daddy arrived before we woke up.  As soon as sweet Fin opened her eyes she was seemingly trying to push another little poopoo out.  So I comforted her through.  I debated going to shower and get ready for her grand exit this afternoon, but they moved up her therapy from 10 to 9:30am and everyone says you get discharged super quick after therapy. 

The nurse came in and discussed with us that the take home prescriptions weren't included in what we already paid, so we fumbled around to find exact change.   We paid for it. Then it was time to go to therapy! Had this girl dressed and ready to go! 

We went up and she was so excited to play!  I couldn't believe the difference between yesterday and today. Huge. 
She crawled around, she's noticeable weaker, but still so motivated! It was a quick hour!  We left therapy and went back to our room, the discharge papers were ready to go! We got them in hand and headed out! Woohoo! 

We are discharged! 

We went straight to the hotel! Finley remembered how much fun she had in the room, and got straight to playing. It felt so weird, like I blinked and the hospital was over. But then it felt like it had been years. Very surreal.

She started getting sleepy, so we put her in bed.  She took a nap and I got to take a shower! 

Afterwards I just snuggled her for like 2 hours. It was awesome.

We weren't sure if she was gonna wake up or be down for the night. It was only 5 and that just seemed like way too early. She woke up and was ready to go, we thought a nice little walk around would be the perfect outting for her (and us). 

I can't believe we are on the outside! Lol. So so amazing. We asked Fin what she wanted for her meal and she said, "PIZZA!" We found a yummy pizza place and enjoyed it outside so that she could stay in her stroller. 

When we were done we asked her what she wanted next, and she said "ICE CREAM!" So that's what we went and got. In St. Louis there is no shortage of desert places. We approached one and it looked super rad, so we went in. 

They were so sweet they gave Finley her own little scoop with sprinkles! She was in heaven! 

We are to only have her siting up for a couple hours at a time, so we took her back to the room and snuggled our girl for the rest of the night. 

We leave tomorrow afternoon, but I decided to leave all the packing for the morning. This was a moment I didn't want to miss.  


  1. So glad she had a smooth discharge and that her appetite wasn't affected! :)

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