Monday, February 8, 2016

That One Time in Little Italy

I remember -like it was yesterday- my husband and I were celebrating our 2nd Wedding Anniversary in New York City. We'd been hopeful-adoptive parents waiting to be matched for several months. The trip was over Fathers Day Weekend. I loved to go away on that specific holiday, because the year prior I lost my dad AND we found out about our fertility issues. Needless to say I wanted to get the heck away for Fathers Day. We were having dinner in Little Italy and I told him, "I pray we get a call next week! How cool would that be?!" I gave my husband a cheesy "soon to be dad" card & told him even though we were empty nesters, I still saw him as an amazing father. We spoke candidly about what it will be like to be parents one day, we discussed further about baby names that we loved and hated. There we were in The Big Apple, lovesick and yearning for parenthood.  

Sure enough... Not even a week later, we got a call from our attorney with a match! Com-plete-shock.  I remember being so excited that I didn't even ask if it was a boy or girl!!! Talk about cloud nine! Haha.. Needless to say that's how our journey with Finley began. A week after NY dreaming. 

We just had to do her first birthday in the Little Italy theme. I even had to learn to play the accordion. Just had to, makes sense right?

Here are some pics from her 1st Birthday Photo Session. We opted to do a "spaghetti smash" in lieu of the traditional cake smashing photos.. 

Here is a few from the party: 

This last one is my favorite! It's Finley's beautiful birthmother - LeeLee, Fin, and me. I'm so happy I'm able to share these milestone moments with Fin's birth family. Open Adoption is amazing, especially in our own little Italy!  (And go figure you are looking at three italian gals in this pic.) ❤️

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  1. How absolutely clever & adorable! Never seen a cuter idea!