Wednesday, August 31, 2016


H o w d y  y' a l l !

From September 1st to September 28th, I will be "stepping up" to the challenge for STEPtember. I will complete 10,000 steps a day or the exercise equivalent -there’s 70+ exercise options for me to choose from - to raise vital funds for children and adults living with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

The average office worker only takes about 3,000 steps per day - which is not enough to keep us as healthy and active as we should be. Although 10,000 “steps” a day is going to be quite a challenge for me, I know every “step” will be made easier with the support of friends and family like you and knowing that it’s all for such a great cause.

Cerebral palsy is the most common motor disability in childhood. About 1 in 323 children have been identified with CP.  And all those children grow up to be adults with CP.

So please help empower children and adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities to live a life without limits by sponsoring me. (

Your support would mean so much not only to me but also to all of the children and adults with disabilities that United Cerebral Palsy serves.

For example,
$28 could provide community support services to families of individuals with disabilities.
$55 could provide one day of recreational activities for an adult with an intellectual/developmental disability.
$105 could pay for a piece of assistive technology to help clients communicate.

Together we really can make a difference.

Please help make every "step" I take count this STEPtember. Any amount you contribute ( would be enormously appreciated.

Thanks for your support,
Christina + Finley

P.S. You'll also receive an automated receipt for your tax-deductible donation.


  1. Keep up up the good work.Just accidentally ended up here but now i have marked your page and i will regularly visit your page,

  2. Great blog, awesome post ...I really appreciate your thoughts and like you said in order to get better we need to do something .. and i guess together is the only way to acheive something to make this world a better place ...